Friday, April 5, 2013

Wall Art.

So in another bedroom, I painted a circle mural. This turned out super cute and was an easy way to tie in all of the colors in the room.

Step One: Take different size circles (I used embroidery hoops) and trace them on the wall in the pattern that you like.

Step Two: Paint every circle a different color.

Tips: Paint some circles solid and leave some as just the outline. Use glitter or metallic paint along with normal paint. I glued some little circle mirrors on the wall to kick it up a notch.

I bet your Au Pair can't do that.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


In continuation of yesterday's post, this post is about some awesome silhouettes of Disney Princesses that I did to hang on one of the walls in the princess room. They turned out super cute!

Step One: Google  Disney silhouettes and print off the ones you like.

Step Two: Find scrap booking paper that you like and tape printout on top.

Step Three: Use exacto knife or small box cutter to cut out printout. 

Step Four: Glue scrap book paper cut out to a sheet of white paper.

Step Five: Run to Walmart late at night, while very sore and disheveled from a day of painting, and look like a complete idiot as you bump into everything on your way to the picture frame isle. Buy black picture frame.

Step Six: Put silhouette into frame and hang on wall.

I bet your Au Pair can't do that.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Princess Painting

My friend Michaela decided to take advantage of our almost empty house during spring break and re-do her girls' rooms. Since I had just been let go of my babysitting job, do to the fact that I was abruptly replaced by an Au Pair, she enlisted my help. The running joke for the past week has been "I bet his Au Pair doesn't do that." Hence the name of the blog. 

Tonight I am going to focus on the "Princess Room". We started off by painting three walls purple and one wall a very light pink.

Once we had the background color in place, it was time to paint the mural. Our inspiration came from these princess stickers that we had. 

Step One: Lay sticker on projector and trace image onto wall.

Step Two: Paint image :)

Step Three: Outline image in Sharpie.

 Step Four: Stand back and be amazed.

 I bet your Au Pair can't do that.